MindoverMatter.org.NZ prides itself in providing a holistic client centered set of programme based solutions.


Offering a unique combination of results driven clinical hypnotherapy, coffee coaching, content charged workshops and in business contracting.


Workplace and individual health, safety and well-being is our primary focus.   Supporting healthy behaviours to promote good health especially in workplaces encourages higher levels of productivity and a healthier more robust workforce.

The uniqueness of our solutions enables us to offer different options to fit the needs of our clients, often adapting and merging the solutions to provide a very unique delivery experience. 

Offering our therapy, coaching or workshop programmes nationally throughout New Zealand online via virtual streaming.  Our Napier and Mobile clinics offering face to face therapy and coaching sessions as with in business contracting.

Mental Health Matters, Healthy Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Anxiety & Stress Management, Healthy Thinking and Motivation, Sleep and Mind Chatter solutions are just some of the areas where we can assist with changing individuals habits and moving them forward fast!

Gillian Jones brings 20+ years of experience in learning and development, is an experienced life coach and clinical hypnotherapist. Gillian hosts a high level of work health and safety knowledge which sets the foundation for assisting small businesses with meeting their obligations within the legislation.

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