Karen, June 2019

Sugar Stop Switch Hypnotherapy

 "You made me feel so comfortable.  I am not missing the sugar"

Sarah, June 2019

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

"I decided to take control of my winter weight. Love this programme"

Phil, August 2019

Lifestyle Therapy / Coaching

"What an amazing journey. Thank you so much for supporting the changes I so desperately needed" 


JJ, May 2019

Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

"I liked the way you explained everything before hand. I feel great"

Introducing Linda

ANZA TAPS approved December 2020

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Linda wants to “shout from the rooftops" how wonderful Clinical Hypnotherapy is.


Very willingly, Linda has allowed to show case her success story.  We are very appreciative of her enthusiasm to share publicly her successes and to assist others with understanding the power and intensity of the hypnotherapy programmes offer.

Linda contacted early 2019 asking if our mobile clinic visited the Wairarapa. Understanding the level of impact our programmes have on my clients lives there was no hesitation at all about delivering our services into the Wairarapa.

Linda attended a 1 hour face to face “Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy” session with in May 2019.  She had no idea at that time how different her life would become. In a short 6 month period Linda has transformed her life. 

Linda says - she can’t talk about the process highly enough. 


There is no denying that embarking on the process of hypnotherapy is daunting.  It’s very new for many of our clients and for many it might be their only untried option. 

Often every other solution path has been attempted. Hypnotherapy is often overlooked as a solution due to its obscure nature.  A prescribed Clinical Hypnotherapy session can assist with shifting a lifetime of unhappiness, shaded emotions and habitual discontent. Clinical Hypnotherapy assists with providing the solutions that so many of our clients desire. conditions clients to move away from the scales and look for other success indicators.  Moving away from placing a “figure on your figure” enables you to successfully focus on “listening to your mind and body”.

The importance of understanding your mind and body, discovering what is right for you is the key in this hypnotherapy process.  Linda listened and with support from she has successfully transformed her body and mind.  She looks and feels amazing.


Its definitely a lifestyle change 


“Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy” focusses on 3 key areas

  • Healthy food options

  • Portion Sizes

  • and Exercise


Thank you

Linda Wairarapa, 2019