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Whether you understand specifically the result you are after from Hypnotherapy or you have absolutely no idea what it is you need to tackle first.   MindoverMatter.org.NZ will help you move your conscious aside and start discovering the answers within your subconscious. 


There will be no one quacking like a duck!

Thinking you might be made to do something you don't want to do - contrary to belief hypnosis cannot make someone do something they do not want to do.  MindoverMatter.org.NZ respects our clients and your engagement with us will be strictly professional, private and confidential.


MindoverMatter.org.NZ work with both individuals and groups in the following areas:

Virtual Gastric Band, Body Image, Fears and Phobias, Weight Management, Addictions, Performance Enhancement, Personality Adjustment, Habits and Disorders, Health and Relaxation, Pain Management, Memory Enhancement, Exams, Study and Learning, Confidence Building, Regression Therapy, Personal and Professional Improvement.


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Lifestyle Therapy is a stepped approach to understanding your goals and life desires. MindoverMatter.org.NZ  will take the time to work along side you to discover exactly how you want to design and reshape your life.  Mix it up a little to include hypnotherapy (additional fees may be applied) and you will be discovering the new you sooner than you think.

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Bite sized - small 1/2  hour chunked down top ups for individuals.

Coaching and Profiling top ups available for existing clients.

Face to face works best, however Skype and phone sessions can be arranged.

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Our face to face classroom based training is unique in the way that we have embraced a holistic approach to learning. You'll experience learning in a way that captures the essence of all MindoverMatter.org.NZ services and bundles them into a delivery that your family, group or team will absolutely benefit from.

We have contract trainers available to deliver your training content or we can assist with designing your training needs and content.  Additionally MindoverMatter.org.NZ offer services such as training needs analysis, gap learning and micro learning OR try our "Off the Shelf" training.  We have access to an extensive list of training content that is ready to deliver to your group, organisation or one on one.

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Personal and Professional Profiling

A targeted approach to reinventing or rejuvenating you.  Based on the life coaching model, profiling will provide you with a better understanding of your true essence, what makes you tick and allows decisions to be built on your core personality - We will help you find you!

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